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Hey there. My name is Alex. I'm in theatrical Stage Management. I like loud noises, quiet spaces, and coffee.

Tempus frangit.


My dad gave our 2 month old English bulldog puppy a taste of strawberry Popsicle today. This is true happiness.



I remember when people first realized how much funnier these comics were just without Garfield’s dialog, which Jon was never able to hear anyway. Garfield only ever communicated to us readers in thought balloons, after all. What we’re seeing here is Jon’s canonical reality.

Every cat owner ever.

First there was Garfield, where Garfield was a talking cat and Jon was his owner. And that was vaguely amusing.

Then there was Garfield Without Garfield, and Jon was insane. And that was funny.

Now there is Garfield where Garfield is just a regular cat and Jon is a regular cat owner. And it is hilarious.

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How to tell how much of a Marvel fan the people in the movie theater are:





Stage 1: Those who leave as soon as the movie ends

Stage 2: Those who know to stay until the credits for the extra scene

Stage 3: Those who stay until the end of the credits for the second extra scene

I’m a stage three. 

We all are

Stage 4: those who will stay until the ushers kick them out because they don’t trust marvel

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